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    Dear Sirs!My name is Tanya and I live in Ukraine. I have a father, whom I love dearly, and I am afraid much of loosing him. It’s very painful for me to watch his suffering. Physicians are sending him from one consulting room to another and cannot help. I’d rather not state reasons…may be they cannot help because of the severity of the illness. I would be very grateful for any useful information. I’ll try to describe the illness in brief: veins distend everywhere (both hands, legs, shoulders, chest). At first they become clearly seen where they were not seen before, then become wider and swell. For six years my father has been wearing elastic half-hoses and pour them with cold water all day long every season of the year. In summer he takes cold water with ice from the fridge. The veins constrict from the cold water and the pain disappears. He also feels better with his legs lifted up. The veins are empty and there is no pain. He cannot stay a minute without watered half-hoses - veins distend immediately (The feeling is the same as if one doesn’t take off a bandage from the hand for a long period of time at blood sampling), and there is an acute pain where the veins are mostly distended. The same situation is with his arms. He always lift them up when it is warm and veins distend. From the beginning of 2003 his fingers started to be cold. They are red till the first joint, near the nails they swelled a bit and shining. The fingers are cold, and he cannot warm them up. He has to warm them with rubber hot-water bottle when the outside temperature is lower than 20OC above zero. In a year toes also started to be cold as well as fingers. There is clammy sweat. In 2002 appeared headache (left temple and rear head). Veins distention and ache increase in the horizontal position. The is a haze in the head. The vital energy is absent. By the way, I am 22, and have already faced the same problem. My legs are aching and I forgot how to walk without any problems. It started 4 years ago and becomes worse and worse. How to live?…I don’t know and don’t hope for the best. Please, if you know, how to help my father, please, answer me. Thank you very much!